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The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements.

To always analyze and thoroughly be ready for every angle & potential argument that we may utilize or that our opposition may use against us


To always be zealous advocates and problem solvers.


To never give up a fight for our clients. 


To always be diligent, prompt, and efficient in handling our client’s cases.


To always be understanding and courteous to our clients.


To always act honestly and with integrity-doing what we say we will do.


To use logic, yet remain very creative.


To admit the weaknesses of a case upfront, but only when we know the weakness will be used against us.


To use action! Attack our opponent when the time is right.


Think before we speak. Be accurate, complete and thorough in everything we do.

Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

Can a person be exempt from liability for property damage?


Yes, depending on the circumstances. There are numerous laws which make public entities - such as federal, state, and local governments, immune from tort liability. Employees who are acting within the scope of their employment with a government authority can be relieved of liability by the employer under the doctrine of "respondeat superior" (let the master answer). Under this doctrine, the employer is responsible for the acts or omissions of its employees when the loss or harm occurs while the employee "is on the job" and is performing work that s/he is supposed to be doing. If the employee is acting outside the scope of his/her employment at the time the damage to property occurs, the doctrine of respondeat superior will not protect him/her from liability to the injured party.

If you are seeking recovery for property damage caused by a government employee, try seeking the advice of an experienced administrative & government law attorney.

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